There are a number of international opportunities available for students interested in negotiation and conflict resolution. Please direct any questions to the appropriate organisation.   

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The Global Negotiation Conference (GNC) is an annual event organised by the Institute for Global Negotiation combining training with a multiparty competition. The GNC is open to students from all disciplines with an interest in negotiation theory and practice. The conference program covers four days of presentations and workshops by leading practitioners and academics before culminating in a multiparty simulation on a current international issue. Students receive feedback on their performance with acknowledgments awarded in a number of areas.

The Negotiation Challenge is an international negotiation competition open for graduate students majoring mostly in business and law. The Negotiation Challenge is a highly competitive event that allows the students to compare and improve their negotiation skills and prepare for the complex negotiations they will face after graduation. The Negotiation Challenge gathers students from leading universities from all over the world, allows them to share their passion and compete against each other in realistic negotiation situations.

The International Chamber of Commerce organise an annual mediation competition. The 6-day Competition is ICC's biggest annual educational event and exclusively devoted to international commercial mediation. It includes training programmes for all participants and numerous social events.

The Warsaw Negotiation Round is an international negotiation competition for students representing leading law and business schools from all over the world. It is organized by Student Scientific Association “Negotiator” of Warsaw School of Economics. Warsaw Negotiation Round consists of four rounds, which are treated as qualification to the final round.  Jury consists of experts on negotiation and communication, special guests and the author of the scenario. The Jury grades the negotiation skills of the participants and the terms of the reached agreement.

MUNPlanet is the largest global community of MUNers, people attending Model United Nations conferences all around the world. It is a knowledge network where members create, curate and share their knowledge and experiences about issues of global importance. It is for people who are passionate about the world and share the values of the United Nations.