Global Negotiation Conference

The GNC aims to promote the interdisciplinary study of practical and theoretical negotiation to students from all over the world.  


The GNC was born out of the International Negotiations lecture at the University of Bern. With the support and encouragement of Professor Felix Addor former students decided to set up a conference that would be open to students from all academic backgrounds who have an interest in developing and practicing their negotiation skills. 


The first two days of the conference consist of a series of presentations and workshops led by leading academics and practitioners on a range of negotiation topics. On the final day of the conference students take part in a gruelling multiparty negotiation simulation based on a current international issue.


As part of the simulation participating teams are assigned roles prior to the conference along with background information on the topic and detailed instructions outlining their negotiation mandate. The focus is on achieving a positive outcome and teams who have been judged to have shown the most creativity in coming to an outcome while effectively representing their delegations interests will be commended at the conference dinner. 

To find out more about the conference you can read this blog entry for jet d'encre written by founder and current President Jack Williams.  

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