Membership of the Global Negotiation Conference (GNC) is open to all interested persons and legal entities who support the Association’s purpose:  

Members are regularly informed about the activities and events of the GNC. They may also receive exclusive access to events. 

To join please complete the below form and complete payment of the annual membership fee. The annual fee is currently CHF 10.00 for individual members and can be paid either online through PayPal or by requesting an invoice.

The Association aims to improve the understanding of the nature and development of international disputes, and how these can be resolved, among students at the tertiary level. In particular, the Association promotes the use of negotiation and conflict resolution skills to address international problems. It is also committed to seeking out exchange and collaboration between individuals engaging in the theoretical and practical fields of negotiation, conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution. To achieve this aim it organises courses and events relating to these topics and develops teaching resources and negotiation simulations.

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