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Keynote Address

The e-Conference features a public Keynote Address from a noted expert on peacebuilding on Friday evening. This will be delivered via Zoom, and simultaneously streamed on Youtube, where the address will be remain available afterwards.


Andrew Russell: Misadventures in Peacebuilding: A Practitioner’s Perspective

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Andrew Russell is an expert in peacebuilding and organizational change, with over three decades of experience in and outside of the United Nations. Mr. Russell has worked in Central America, Cyprus and, most recently, in Kosovo, where he served as UN Resident Coordinator and Representative of the UN Development Programme. His final assignment with the United Nations was as a senior advisor on UN reform at the UN Secretariat in New York.


During his career he has designed and overseen large scale programmes dealing with the promotion of social dialogue and civic participation in national development processes, as well as territorial-based approaches to integrated peacebuilding and local development. He holds specialized expertise in crisis prevention and recovery and his field experiences have primarily been within the context of managing programmes in support of the transition from conflict to peace and development and the promotion of multi-stakeholder dialogue in ethnically or politically divided contexts.

He has also served in corporate managerial positions, including as the coordinator of internal management consulting services within the UN Development Programme. Mr. Russell holds a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University and he has taught stakeholder engagement, diplomacy, and peace building studies at the undergraduate and graduate level at Haverford College, Columbia University, Queen’s University, Oxford Brookes University, and the Open University of Catalonia.

Andrew will share his experiences as a student and practitioner of peacebuilding over the past thirty-five years. His talk will focus in particular on lessons learned while pursuing the themes of the conference: the potential of religious communities in peacebuilding, connecting feminism and peacebuilding, as well as the role of the arts in peacebuilding. He will also reflect on the future of peacebuilding in an increasingly divided and crisis-afflicted world.

The Keynote Address will be streamed live on Youtube, and available as a recording afterwards. 

For a chance to participate in the Q&A, you can register to attend the Keynote only via the following link:

Conference Attendants are automatically registered for the Keynote, and need not sign up separately.

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