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Please note that public applications for the GNC 2024 are not yet open.
Students and recent graduates from all disciplines who have an interest in international negotiations generally or the specific topic of the conference are encouraged to apply. The conference is primarily intended for students pursuing a graduate programme although undergraduates demonstrating exceptional motivation will be considered.

Teams should highlight negotiation courses, involvement in Model United Nations or other relevant experiences in their application. Support from a team's university will also be beneficial.   

The application should include:

  • A completed application form.

  • The CVs of team members (between two to three students per team).

  • A short letter of reference from a university instructor endorsing the team (optional).

​​Conference fee: to be announced. 

Limited sponsorship opportunities are available. Please mention in your application email whether you will need additional financial support to attend - any support is only processed following the conference. Applicants are encouraged to submit by the early deadline as places are extremely limited.

The deadline will be communicated once applications open publicly.

Teams should email their application documents to:

If you don't receive a confirmation of your application from us please contact us.


Prior to the conference all teams are assigned to represent a party in the simulation on the final day. Teams will receive general information and confidential instructions on their party's negotiation position at least a month before the conference. Participants are expected to thoroughly prepare for the simulation before the conference.

The topics picked for the GNC are complex international issues sometimes where a result has not yet been reached.​ The presentations and workshops are supposed to stimulate participants for the simulation as well as widen their understanding of negotiation. Although, informal discussions regarding the simulation can take place during the conference these should on the whole be reserved for the day of the simulation. 

Academic Accreditation


Universities are free to provide accreditation to their students for attending the GNC although this is not necessary for participation. If a university decides to award ECTS or similar university credits to their students then they are obliged to independently establish what form this should take. Preparation and attendance in the GNC alone can be deemed sufficient to award university credits. However, this could also could be counted in conjuncture with a written paper on an aspect of negotiation or the subject of the final simulation.

The organisers estimate that participants will spend at least 25-30 hours preparing for the conference and will spend approximately 20 hours over the course of the conference.  

The ECTS-credits system prescribes that 25-30 hours work be spent per credit.     


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a team apply that is comprised of students from different universities?

Yes. We encourage teams made up of students from different universities and/or disciplines.

Do you only accept one team per university?  

Typically we only accept one team per university in order to try and get as wide a range of participants as possible. The exception is the host university where we usually accept two teams.    

I will need a visa to travel to the conference can the GNC help to secure this for me?

The GNC does not apply for visas on behalf of participants. However, we do provide a letter to confirm that you are attending the conference which can be used to apply for a visa. Please make sure you indicate in your application if this is the case and include a scan of your passport with the application.

If we need to cancel our participation will my conference fee be reimbursed?

This will depend on the circumstances. If you are unable to attend please let us know as soon as possible.

What is the dress code for the GNC? 

The dress code for the opening days of the conference is smart/casual while participants are expected to wear business attire for the final simulation. Depending on external events organised as part of the conference program this may be subject to change. A detailed schedule including any dress requirements will be sent out prior to the conference. 

Is there financial support available to help me attend the GNC?

We expect teams to be able to cover their own travel and accommodation to attend the conference. For teams who do not have support from their universities or other sponsors we try to assist them to attend though this cannot be guaranteed. Please make sure you indicate on your application form whether you will need assistance to attend the conference.    

I am a university lecturer endorsing a team can I accompany them to the conference?

Although the teams are not required to have a coach accompanying them to the conference lecturers wishing to take part in the conference can attend for a reduced fee of CHF 100 - this should be indicated when a team applies and will be confirmed once a team's participation has been accepted.

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