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The Institute for Global Negotiation (IGN) is an independent non-profit association aimed at improving the understanding of the nature and processes of global negotiation among students, academics and practitioners. Members of the IGN participate in research projects, develop teaching resources as well as organise events and courses.



Programme Manager (30h/week)

(Note: We are no longer accepting applications.)

We are hiring a Programme Manager drive our newest project "Negotiating for Climate Action", aiming at mitigating the effects of climate change by enabling youth and bringing together experienced climate action practitioners.


Applications are reviewed starting Saturday, 4th November 2023 until the position is filled. 


Global Negotiation Conference 2023

The tenth annual GNC will take place from the ​11-14 July 2023 at the University of Zurich. The conference will include workshops and presentations on theoretical and practical aspects of negotiation before culminating in a simulation in the field of humanitarian negotiation.


Online Course: Fundamentals of Negotiation 


This online course 'fundamentals of negotiation' serves to introduce participants to the underlying theoretical approaches to negotiation as well as equip them with the practical skills needed to enhance their individual negotiation capacity. 

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